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Expanda Catering Services LLC based in dubai abu dhabi UAE, is a professionally managed food catering and services company offering diverse foods meeting the requirement of multi-ethnic society. The company is backed by a team of professionals and executives that have earned their credibility and respect through years of experience in large scale foot catering industry.

Expanda Food Concepts is a part of diverse businesses related to food products and services under its principle company The Expanda Group. With its initial conception in the year 2007, The Expanda Group has diversifies into various business such as convenience stores, restaurants, food courts, catering services, Facilities Management and Logistics.

From traditional Emarati and Middle Eastern to Asian dubai abu dhabi, Continental and fusion dishes, our chefs source only the highest quality ingredients from around the world offering some of the best catering menu options to offer. Our chefs meticulously research new culinary advances, dishes and presentations. Our central kitchen of 6000 sq.ft with spotless work stations, advance refrigeration systems and enriched environments have earned us HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications.


Industrial Catering Services Company

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Industrial Catering

Catering services for commercial organizations, government and corporate headquarters
meals and buffets for manpower in the oil & gas, hospitality, engineering and construction fieldsdubai abu dhabi
EXPANDA with its strong work force of experienced chefs and cook extends exclusive catering for major industrial projects and a number of construction companies in various parts of the dubai abu dhabi UAE.
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Educational Institution Catering

Education sector from schools , colleges to universities during lunch and breakfast.
Upscale Your School Lunch Program
EXPANDA Catering has facilities to provides schools, colleges and universities a balanced diet tailored to individual needs.
As the market leader in food services for more than a decade, EXPANDA offers a full range of on-site services to the comfort and need of staff and students in schools, colleges and universities.
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Offshore & Remote Site Catering

Offshore catering on a full-scale drilling platform or remote site catering at a mining camp.
Catering For Any Sector
Offering a full suite of support services, EXPANDA can provide a home away from home for offshore or remote site staff by knowing how good food and comfortable surroundings contribute to improved morale, productivity, and retention.
EXPANDA has built a management team with years of combined experience in the offshore catering industry. Our experienced and comprehensive management staff has proven a vital component in our legacy of unequivocal customer service.
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Hospital Catering

Great food is the key to keeping people happy at jobsites – and the quality of our cuisine is unsurpassed.
Keeping Your Workforce Happy
EXPANDA has a professional body representing senior health care catering managers and dietitians who provide a wide range of food services for patients, visitors and hospital and medical staff in hospitals and health care facilities nationwide.
Hospital catering is a diverse, complex and demanding operation which calls for both considerable skill and enormous versatility. The process is multi-disciplinary involving hospital chefs, dietitians, clinicians, nurses, porters and ward hostesses/housekeepers.
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